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What We Offer

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Individual private physiotherapy

All treatment sessions are individually tailored. This will be based on the initial assessment findings and discussions with you and about what you personally want to achieve

The human body is a complex system that can adapt to learn new skills.  Your bespoke treatment programme will be designed to encourage your body to respond in a different, more efficient way.

Individually Tailored

Therapy neuro specialist assessment

The initial assessment will include looking in detail at your movement, targeting specific issues such as balance, posture, weakness and spasticity. We will discuss what difficulties you are currently experiencing and what you are wanting to achieve from your time with the Forward Neuro Physio. 


This will allow the therapist to outline a proposed plan of how many sessions and what frequency might be suitable to best help you. 

Initial Assessment

Individual neuro goal setting for therapy

To make the most of your treatment, we need to understand your problems and your goals. This leads to a treatment plan that is individual to you. We can help you break down larger goals into smaller, more manageable ones. This approach ensures that we maximise your motivation. The power of motivation is a crucial factor in the success of rehabilitation.

Goal Setting

neuro rehab physio private treatment

Our sessions can have a variety of approaches, including: 

  • Ongoing one-to-one sessions

  • Advice on independent home exercise programmes

  • Advice and support for carers or family members on exercise, strengthening and positioning programme

Treatment Options

Specialist neuro Therapy and rehabilitation Private treatment
  • Specific programmes can be provided to work on strength, balance, flexibility, co- ordination or cardio-vascular fitness.

  • ​Often exercise can be integrated into daily activities so that you begin to adopt a healthier routine.

  • Hands On Treatment  from your therapist – this can help teach you to move more normally or to mobilise stiff, tight tissues.

  • Advice and feedback – sometimes just knowing what you can safely do is enough to give you the confidence to regain control of your life.

  • Walking (Gait) Analysis – we can use digital video recording to analyse your walking pattern and assess the effects of treatment.

Exercise Therapy

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