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About Us

Forward Neuro Physiotherapy provides specialist physiotherapy for people with Neurological Conditions such as StrokeMultiple SclerosisParkinson’s Disease or Spinal Cord Injury.

Your nervous system consists of your brain, spinal cord and nerves. Damage at any level can cause problems with messages travelling between your brain and your body. This can result in loss of movement, sensation, co-ordination, tight or floppy muscles, spasm and tremor.

Neurological Physiotherapy is designed to help you make new pathways through repetitive actions and exercises.  This can lead to a reduction in symptoms and an improvement in function like walking better or being able to use an arm more effectively. 

Dawn Foster | Therapist

Dawn is a neurological specialist physiotherapist, with extensive specialist experience and post graduate training. She qualified as a physiotherapist in 2004 from the University of Manchester. She has over 16 years of experience working in the NHS, spending almost 10 years as part of the highly specialised neurosciences team at St George’s Hospital, in South London. Dawn left London in 2021 and worked as part of the spasticity clinic at Oxford University Hospital before moving to Buckinghamshire and works part time on the stroke unit at Wycombe Hospital. 

Dawn has a broad professional experience, working with people at the start of their neurological journey and also with people who have been living with their condition for a long time. She is friendly and caring and always strives to get the best possible outcome for her clients. 

Forward Neuro Physio

~Mike Sansom~
Post Covid ITU admission, rehabilitation ,Kingston



“Dawn is so kind and reassuring and an excellent specialist within her field of Neuro rehabilitation Physio. I recently had the benefit of Dawn’s vast experience and knowledge. She worked with me and worked me hard and as a result achieved fantastic results and soon had me up on my feet and walking again, at the same time she remained extremely empathetic and reassuring working at a pace that suited me.

Dawn explained everything fully and the benefits I could expect. I asked questions and Dawn explained everything I needed to know in a manner in which I understood. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Dawn.”

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